September 15, 2018

Travel to San Juan Island

San Juan Island is, well, an island, and with no bridge. Unless you have your own boat, reaching the island requires travel on the Washington State Ferries or by air.

Washington State Ferries

The ferry to San Juan Island originates in Anacortes. To get to the ferry dock, travel on Interstate 5 to Burlington and take the Highway 20 exit (Exit 230). Go west toward Anacortes for 14 miles on Highway 20 and then Highway 20 Spur. Turn right at the roundabout onto Commercial Ave. heading into downtown Anacortes. Continue on Highway 20 as it turns left onto 12th street. Follow the road 2.5 miles to the Anacortes ferry terminal. The drive is about 35 minutes from Interstate 5 to the Anacortes ferry terminal.

Vehicle space on the ferries is limited and a reservation is strongly recommended for both directions. Vehicle reservations for Friday Harbor Bike-n-Brew are available now. Go to the Washington State Ferries website to obtain a reservation. Reservations are free unless you do not use the reservation or cancel by at least 5:00 PM the day before.

Washington State Ferries sells a third of each boat two months prior, a third two weeks prior, and a third two days prior to each sailing. Friday Harbor Bike-n-Brew will send out reminders to those who purchase tickets or those who register their email addresses with us when reservations will be available.

An alternative is to walk onto the ferry. No reservations are required, and the ferries can accommodate bicycles and gear.  The event at the San Juan County Fairgrounds is a short bike ride or walk from the ferry landing.

Vehicle and passenger fares are charged only coming to the island. Return travel is free. Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the ticket booth. There is no financial advantage to advance purchase, and advance ticket purchase is not required to make a reservation.

The ferry system will still be on the summer schedule at the time of Friday Harbor Bike-n-Brew. You can view the schedule at the Washington State Ferries website.

We intend to start the Bike Event 11:00 AM, so if you intend to arrive the day of the event, we suggest the 9:05 AM boat arriving at 10:10 AM. If the 9:05 AM ferry is late, we may delay the start time to accommodate. Participants could also consider arriving on Friday and staying the night. Friday Harbor has many excellent accommodations.  See Around Town for some suggestions.

Those staying for the Brew Event should be able to return to Anacortes after the event if they do not want to stay Saturday night on the island. The Brew Event ends at 9:00 PM. There is a boat leaving at 10:00 PM for Anacortes, arriving at midnight. Again, an alternative is to choose from accommodations in Friday Harbor.


Parking is a limited resource in Friday Harbor. However, Friday Harbor Bike-n-Brew provides free parking to participants at the Fairgrounds Friday through Sunday. Exact times will be announced. The Fairgrounds is the site of the event check-in, the start and finish of the Bike Event, and the Brew Event.

Other Information

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