September 15, 2018

Announcements and Reminders

September 5, 2017

For those who have already received this email, our apologies. The previous email had a formatting problem.

Folks, a few announcements and reminders:

Ferry Reservations: If you intend onto drive a vehicle to San Juan Island, you should make a ferry reservation. 30% of the capacity of each boat becomes available for reservation at 7:00 AM 14 days prior to the sailing. So, if you are coming to the island Friday evening September 22nd, a good time to get your reservation will be this Friday September 8th after 7:00 AM.  If you are coming the morning of the event, September 23rd, get your reservation after 7:00 AM on Saturday September 9. Reservations can fill up quickly for those times, so consider setting your alarm for 7:00 AM and getting that reservation quickly.

The last 30% of each boat becomes available two days prior to the sailing in case you miss the two-week opportunity. You can also park at the ferry terminal in Anacortes and walk-on without a reservation. See our Travel to San Juan Island page for more information, or go directly to the Washington State Ferry System website.

Giveaways for the Brew-tasting Event: Our local Cask & Schooner  and Tops’l Sushi and Seafood restaurants are generously giving away a free beer growler and a $10 gift card with every purchase of a ticket for the Brew-tasting Event. The gift cards are good at the two restaurants. Both giveaways are while supplies last! All of those who have purchased brewfest tickets to-date will get these giveaways. We will be giving those out at registration.

Daycare: Cyclists with children may want to look at A Place to Play. This business has fun activities for children ages 1-10 accompanied by an adult and, as a bonus, they will watch your unaccompanied children ages 2-5 for up to four hours. (Accompanied children do not have a time limit.) There are many fun and educational activities at this downtown center. For the event, A Place to Play will open early at 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM. Check out their website for more information including costs. We suggest you call them to confirm availability: (360) 378-0378.

Bicycle Rental: For those wanting to participate in the bike event and don’t want to bring their bikes, consider renting at Meat Machines in Friday Harbor. Call them at (360) 370-5673. Meat Machines is one of our Premium Sponsors and is assisting our event with logistics support.

County Bike Map: The San Juan County Public Works department has some helpful information for bicyclists on San Juan Island. You can download the brochure here (PDF, 5 MB).

If you have not yet purchased your Friday Harbor Bike-n-Brew tickets, do so today!

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